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“Would someone who hates Brazil seek to improve it?”

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In your column to edit crusoe This Friday (14) Alexander Soares y Silva (photo) asks Brazilian intellectuals who study the country and “They seem to hate him” or have a “instinctual disgust”.

“Would you read a wine encyclopedia written by a man who hates wine?

Would you read a thousand page study of Volpi’s work written by someone who can’t SU-POR-TA look at a Volpi painting? An attack article, well, can be funny. But a study?

Not that the country’s historian needs to be a patriot, but shouldn’t he at least have a small, vague, balanced point of view? Show the faults and virtues and so on.

But even more than a problem for some historians, this seems to me to be the problem of the current left. They give the impression of hating the country. They seem to have an instinctive reaction of disgust to yellow-green, the anthem, the past, etc. And when they adopt green-yellow to “re-establish” the colors, the falsity of the act cries out to heaven.

Why should someone who hates a place try so hard to improve it?…

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