X-Meta takes over as Vice President of Culture in Africa

Renata Decoussau’s mission will be to implement agility-based processes and create a new creation process

Africa announced Renata Decusau as the agency’s new vice president of culture. At the invitation of Co-President and CCO Sergio Gordillo, the executive’s mission will be to implement agile processes, focused on technology and focused on communities, in addition to creating a more transparent creation process in the agency.

Before arriving at the agency, the executive held an executive position at Meta, where he was responsible for the methodology of creative sprints, unifying the main foundations of collaboration between different teams, internally and externally.

“We are designing a creative sprint model for Africa that connects the new vision of the briefing with tangible results. Creativity remains at the center, but we will work together with all other structures of the agency and external agents, brand decision-makers,” said Renata.

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