Xandra Falco’s words about Tamara and Hugo Arevalo

After the cataclysm that forms before what could be Tamara Falco’s new illusion, her sister Xandra Falcó spoke on the matter and he revealed that he did not know Hugo Arevalo, the businessman with whom the Marquis of Grignon would have been associated. Hut the mayor of the remembered Carlos Falco assures that he did not speak, but she would be glad for her sister to restore the illusion: “Yes, of course, I am delighted. Tamara is a happy person, so I believe it is important to continue to be happy”signaled by the agency Europe Press.

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Xandra Falcó wanted to commit some beautiful words to Isabel Presiller’s daughter, the one who loves and is very united: “Tamara is wonderful, friendly, cheerful. He is always there when we need him and we love each other very much”🇧🇷 And then he’s proud to be one of his main supporters of his sister: “Enchanted to support Tamara, yes.” Xandra Falco laughs when asked if she hopes to fall in love in 2023: ‘Right now I believe in the love of my children, which is the best thing I have right now“. Soy muy navideña, me charme la Navidad”.

Xandra Falcon I lost her father and her husband only a few months apart. Financier Jaime Carvajal Hoyos died suddenly at the age of 56 on September 2, 2020, just six months after the businesswoman lost her priest Marquis de Grignon, who died on March 20 from the coronavirus. It was a very tough year in which the family also faced the loss of Fernando Falco, Xandra’s uncle and one who is slowly recovering thanks to the support of his family. Xandra is a mother of three children, a successful businesswoman and winemaker and is very united with los suyos.


After Tamara Falco’s unexpected breakup with Inigo Onieva became one of the main pillars for the designer. Xandra Falco spoke about what happened and commented that luckily her sister was there “happy after the decision” and the only thing you need is peace of mind🇧🇷 The winemaker limited herself to the fact that the young man had broken up well, but did not want to comment on the latest statements of Tamara’s ex about Hugo Arevalo.

Arevalo is 40 years oldyou are madrileño and is part of Tamara’s circle of friends. The TV contributor and co-founder of The Power MBA coincided at the wedding of his close friend Khali El Asir with Francis Franco’s minor son, celebrated on September 7 in Abu Dhabi. Despite the fact that the businessman denied working, in a conversation with Beatriz Cortázar she admitted that there is “something that others cite” and if you are “discerning”. Second time since then Ana Rosa’s programthe friendship between the two could have turned into something more in the past few weeks until the moment when “ya ha habido beso”, como explicaron en el magacín de Mediaset.

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