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Xavier McKinney of the New York Giants details the massive changes with the new system

The New York Giants team went with a polarizing approach towards restarting the front office. Joe Schoen and Brian Daboll are almost opposites compared to Dave Gettleman and Joe Judge, offering a more player-friendly style rather than a disciplinary and authoritative structure.

Early in the process, Xavier McKinney noticed the safety of the giants as significant differences. Focusing on the training routines, the aggressive defensive scheme he’ll implement in 2022, and the addition of a former teammate, McKinney had nothing but great things to say.

Xavier McKinney is bullish on the New York Giants so far:

McKinney broke down the differences in how Brian Dabol treats and cares for players’ bodies via Steve Serby of the New York Post:

They did an amazing job looking after us. dabs [head coach Brian Daboll] He did a great job communicating with us. There were some days where he would come and talk to me and say, “How does defense feel? The guys are tired?” … There are some things where it was like, “We are sore.” He was making sure he cut out some things that we didn’t put too much on our bodies. We were really sunk because he told us he really cared about how we felt.

Injuries have been an important issue for the Giants in the past few years, particularly on the offensive side. Daboll has done a tremendous job mitigating and exacerbating the injury, while making sure he communicates properly with his players. This is a big shift compared to the past two systems, which have exhausted players.

The appointment of Wink Martindale, the former Baltimore Ravens defensive coordinator, should represent an entirely different system. Martindale is known for his aggressive style, using his midfielder and safety as offensive kickers rather than keeping them in their designated spots.

Former club Patrick Graham was very versatile in the way he called defensive plays, but had an unbreakable style. Martindale is an all-out aggression, which should be exciting to watch this upcoming season.

Maximum safety details for the Giants Details of the aggressive defense they will play in 2022:

I think we will be relentless. I think we will be taking risks. We have a defense full of playmakers, we have a defense full of guys who can go out and get the ball and get out there and do every game. When things don’t go our way, I think we can turn back.

The Giants had the daunting task of rebuilding their offensive line in the off-season. Schoen and Daboll lucked out and land Evan Neal with the seventh overall pick. Neil is a giant human, standing at 6’7 and 337 lbs.

Neil is the first day starter on the right footing, and offers a massive upgrade on the Nate Solder. At the very least, it will be a dominant blocker of running for years to come but has some growth to do.

McKinney on Evan Neal, a former Alabama teammate:

You’ll never wonder how hard this guy is to play. It’s a definition like a dog. He can literally destroy you. He’s one of those guys that if you’re going to war, you’ll want to bring him with you.

The early returns from hiring Schoen and Daboll appear to be profitable, but nothing matters unless they can make gains. The Giants have a long way to go in their first year of rebuilding, but the arrow is pointed in the right direction.

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