Xbox Series X | S overclocked. Microsoft has reduced console launch times

Microsoft has accelerated the release of its next-generation consoles.

Xbox Series X and S launch faster. Microsoft has reduced the time it takes to connect consoles

In recent tests from the Xbox Insider program, you can see a significant improvement in the time it takes to launch Xbox Series X and S. As it turned out, overclocking the consoles was not so difficult. the whole only required a shorter start. – top animation.

Xbox testers noted shorter launch times a few days ago; as it turned out, they were not wrong, which Microsoft itself confirmed. Xbox marketing director Josh Munsey admitted that he was credited with creating the shorter startup animation, which currently lasts around 4 seconds. The original took about 9 seconds, so you can talk about more than half the time. The 5 second difference is definitely noticeable.

However, there is a small “catch”.

However, it’s worth noting that the shorter animation is only available when the console is in power-saving mode, and not in Instant-On mode, that is, when the console is actually turning off and not just going into standby mode. On a day-to-day basis, this translates to the fact that you can’t “jump into the game” immediately after plugging in the console, but it’s a lot better for the environment … and our wallets when it comes to electricity bills.

The change means that the console turns on in almost 15 seconds instead of 20 seconds. That’s a big difference, which incidentally makes power saving mode more attractive to Xbox Series X or S owners, and that’s about it. what Microsoft wants, since earlier this year with Redmond, the giant made power saving the default for all its new consoles.

Source: Josh Munsey (Twitter)

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