Xcover Pro SM-G715U1 Brazil ZTO OS 13 G715U1UESFDWC3

Info Stock Rom Firmware Samsung Galaxy Xcover Pro

Model SM-G715U1 Binary 15 U15, S15, bit 15
Region / Country / Country Brazil / Brazil
Language Multilingual
android version 13 T:
Operator / Carrier / Carrier Pure ZTO (no logo, no carrier apps)
Modem CP version / Baseband G715U1UESFDWC1
product code ZTO:
Model reference SM-G715UZKSL05
Date of construction 2023-03-13
Security Patch Level / Security 2023-03-01 (March 1, 2023)
Size: 4.1 GB

Xcover Pro SM-G715U1 Software More information

  • Xcover Pro Binary 15 Android 13 ZTO
  • Xcover Pro Binary 15 Android 13 ZTO
  • SM-G715U1 Binary 15 Android 13 ZTO
  • Galaxy Xcover Pro supports SM-G715U1 ZTO
  • Xcover Pro SM-G715U1 Binary Nature 15 ZTO

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Attention Binary of SM-G715U1

This Galaxy Xcover Pro rom is binary 15.
Installation is only possible if the current rom installed is binary 15 or less than 15.
How To Know Xcover Pro Binary Version And Is It Possible To Downgrade Xcover Pro SM-G715U1 Binary 15?
See <: this article >> binary about samsung.

How to Install Firmware on Galaxy Xcover Pro SM-G715U1

  1. First Download Driver and Odin for Galaxy Xcover Pro SM-G715U1 < Here >>.
  2. now follow this step by step flash the rom on Galaxy Xcover Pro SM-G715U1.

Download Rom Xcover Pro Android 13 Build G715U1UESFDWC3

google drive:

More Download Boot.img Galaxy Xcover Pro

boot.img.lz4 for Xcover Pro SM-G715U1 G715U1UESFDWC3 root Magisk without TWRP

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