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Xi Jinping has been re-elected for a third term in China

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Xi Jinping (pictured) was re-elected this Friday (10th) for an unprecedented third presidential term in China.

In official vote China’s parliament voted 2,952 to zero with no abstentions, consolidating its power amid rising tensions with the United States.

Xi Jinping’s victory confirmed the decision October last year when he was was reappointed as General Secretary of the Communist Party of Chinathe highest office of the country.

The statement of the third term completes a the process started in 2018with which Xi managed to eliminate the two-term limit of the presidency.

In office, Xi promised “Work hard to build a modern, prosperous, strong, democratic, civilized, harmonious and beautiful socialist country.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated the Chinese leaderpraising your “Personal Contribution” strengthen “comprehensive partnership” countries, the Kremlin said in a statement.

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