Xi Jinping wins an unprecedented third term as China’s president

The result of the deputies’ vote was overwhelming: 2,952 in favor, no against, and no abstentions.

Xi Jinping won an unprecedented third presidential term in China on Friday (10) after a vote by the country’s parliamentary body confirmed his status as the most powerful leader in decades.

The result of the MPs’ vote, announced shortly before 11:00 local time (00:00 GMT), was an overwhelming 2,952 votes in favour, no against and no abstentions.

It was not an unexpected result, given that the parliament is practically subordinated to the Communist Party (CCP), which already in October re-elected him for another five years as secretary-general and head of the army, two of the country’s most important posts. .

The only presidential candidate, the 69-year-old president, received a new term as the head of state, he has held the position since 2013.

The last few months have been difficult for Xi, with massive protests against his “covid zero” policy in late November and a high number of deaths since he abandoned the strategy in December.

Such sensitive issues were avoided during the annual session of parliament, a carefully orchestrated event in which Xi’s ally Li Qiang is expected to replace Li Keqiang as premier.

The upcoming National People’s Congress (NPC) meeting in Beijing is also expected to formally elect a new vice president to replace Wang Qishan.


MPs these days focused on an institutional reform project aimed at strengthening the Ministry of Science and Technology and China’s digital capacity.

Xi has made the development of these sectors a priority to achieve China’s self-sufficiency in the face of what Beijing sees as Western “containment” policies to prevent the Asian giant from developing.

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