Xiaomi wants to join the revolution in smartphone batteries

Smartphone manufacturers are often faced with the dilemma of whether the device should be slimmer or have a larger battery. However, Xiaomi wants you not to have to choose and smartphone batteries offer more capacity without changing the size of the cells.

Xiaomi boasts of the results

The Chinese manufacturer has boasted advances in its research into solid-state batteries, meaning those that don’t have a liquid electrolyte. Although the implementation of this idea still takes time, the performance of Xiaomi’s prototypes seems promising.

The new cells offer a higher energy density (1000 Wh/l), which means that batteries of the same size can offer a higher capacity. The manufacturer cites the example of its latest flagship smartphone, the Xiaomi 13, which thanks to the use of new technologies could have a battery with a capacity of 6000 mAh instead of the current 4500 mAh while maintaining the same dimensions. As you can see, the increase in capacity can really be felt and such a difference in day-to-day use would certainly be felt.

Solid state cells have other advantages as well. For example, they are less susceptible to low temperatures than conventional batteries. In liquid electrolyte batteries, the liquid becomes much denser at low temperatures, which reduces their efficiency. In the case of a solid-state battery, operation at -20 degrees Celsius would be 20% more efficient, according to the manufacturer. The new generation of batteries should also be characterized by increased resistance to internal short circuits, such as those that can occur in the event of a fall or impact.

HONOR also wants to stir things up

Earlier this week, there was information that the HONOR brand could also mess up the world of batteries. We are talking about a completely new kind of silicon-carbon battery that has the chance to revolutionize the market. They are said to offer an energy density that is almost 13% higher than current solutions.

George Zhao, President of HONOR, explained that the battery level cannot drop below 3.5V at the moment because it will be almost empty. At the same time, the new HONOR battery has 240% more capacity, which is 12.8% better than lithium-ion batteries.

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