Xiaomi will also copy Samsung. Who is next?

I wonder what Samsung has to say about this. On the one hand, he may enjoy being an inspiration to someone, but on the other hand, he would prefer to stand out from the competition. However, this will not be easy, because Xiaomi will join the group of manufacturers that really liked the Galaxy S23.

Why are there so many of the same smartphones on the market?

Have you ever wondered why so many smartphones are so similar to each other? You should know that not every model is designed and manufactured by a certain manufacturer. Sometimes they buy a ready-made design and possibly make minor changes to it (or not) and just put their logo on it. The biggest brands do it too because it helps keep costs down (Samsung too).

Xiaomi often sells one model under different names – identical designs, with frequently changed coatings, are offered by Redmi and POCO, not to mention that the manufacturer often has many very similar smartphones in its portfolio, differing only in details. This certainly helps it sell more at a lower price, which is especially important in view of the declaration that the margin on the sale of devices will not exceed 5% in total.

Meizu S23, Xiaomi S23. Who will copy the next Samsung?

In my opinion, the Samsung Galaxy S23 is no small work of art, but that’s my subjective opinion – the popularity of the latest eSek in its initial period of availability suggests that I may be in the minority. Obviously, the Chinese competition wants to win something for itself, because there will be many similar smartphones on the market.

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We recently officially learned that Meizu will officially launch the Meizu 20 and 20 Pro models in March 2023, which will be very similar to the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23 +. Now it turns out that not only this Chinese brand will be “inspired” by the new eSkami – according to the latest information, Redmi in the third quarter of 2023 will release at least one smartphone that will draw on the design of the Galaxy S23.

It is rumored to be a representative of the Redmi K60 series, which originally debuted in late December 2022 – it could be branded as “Ultra”. Although its name is still uncertain, the specification is even more important because we also have some information about it, and it is unlikely that there will be diametrical changes (although of course it can never be ruled out with 100% certainty) .

The upcoming novelty will be a high-end smartphone, because it will have a 1.5K display with a refresh rate of 144 Hz and a MediaTek Dimensity 9200 processor, and the device will also support 100 W wired charging.

If two manufacturers have already been “inspired” by the Samsung Galaxy S23, it is possible that they are not the only ones to decide on something similar. The question remains, who will be next? Write your picks in the comments!

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