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Yankees change position for Aaron Judge again after takeover of Benintende

The trading of New York Yankees for Andrew Benintende of the Kansas City Royals should open up their options on the court. Given Joey Gallo’s struggles, the Benintendi should provide a much more offensive production, gaining around 40% base and hitting more than 0.300.

However, the question in Benentende’s first match was how manager Aaron Boone would organize the pitch. Benintende is primarily a left-wing player, and has played most of his career in this position. This season, he’s spent 775 rounds in the LF, having played only 525 rounds at the center throughout his career.

Benintendi has a perfect player ratio this season in the left, including 164 officers. Lately, Aaron Hicks has been valiantly running the LF, enjoying 278 runs there this season with a perfect turnout. However, he is expected to return to his normal midfield position, which changes Aaron Judge once again.

Should the Yankees keep Aaron Judge in CF?

Judge wanted to play center for a long time, and finally got the chance this season with his formidable range and arm. However, playing quarterback requires a lot of running and acrobatics, which increases the potential for injury to top athletes like Judge.

This season, the 6’7, 282-pound presser played 239.2 runs in the right field and 444 in the middle. He has a perfect representation ratio either way, but his value has skyrocketed at the center of play, making a number of great shots.

The question is, would it be beneficial for Hicks to play on the right court, as he played 681 total innings in his run for the center?

Realistically, Hicks is a good enough defender to hold the midfield without losing too much value. Still on the right field, and the easiest Yankee Stadium spot, the Stick Judge will be able to ease the fatigue experienced by the star player heading into the post-season. If anything happens to the judge, Americans are in serious trouble, so taking every precaution is essential.

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