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Yankees eye Jallow air transfer as ‘no pressure’

Last year, the New York Yankees acquired a defensive player that they thought would be a perfect fit for the team. A defensive player who had a lot of sports, played great defense, had a good eye, and was swinging with a very strong left-handed racket.

Just what the Yankees are always looking for. That player was Joey Gallo. Hell, I and many other Yankees fans loved the deal. Yes, Gallo had a wanted average, but I thought if he put him in the lineup with a bunch of other elite hitters, we’d see him hit better.

I figured he’d get more pitches to hit versus being the only big power threat in Texas. Somehow, it happened during his time with the Yankees, but he failed to strike. In fact, he gave the worst performance of his career.

Gallo played last night against the royals and went 0-3 by three strokes. The average gallo has fallen below 0.160 in the season. Aaron Judge knocked out last night’s game with his 39th run at home this year. Do you want alarming statistics? Aaron Judge has two more home hurdles than Gallo hits during the 2022 season.

Two nights ago, Bombers had acquired Andrew Benintende from the Royal Family signaling that the end was near for Joey Gallo in striped stripes. Brendan Coty mentioned this morning that New York is looking at very specific markets for Joey Gallo in a potential deal.

Yankees want to trade with small market clubs

When it came to Gallo, the Yankees thought the New York pressure cooker was simply too much. They believe Gallo will succeed in a smaller market just as they did with Sonny Gray.

The Yankees traded the Grays with the Reds to get him out of New York. According to Coty’s report, they look for places with “no pressure,” when looking for new homes for Gallo. The Yankees speak with teams like Milwaukee, San Diego, Tampa, and Texas.

If I were to hold back the race, I would say Rangers are the ones that make the most sense. The Texas ownership loves Joey Gallo and he meant a lot to this team. They definitely won the deal with the Yankees and now they have the ability to get gallo back for pennies on the dollar.

What I’d like to say to the fans is to expect Gallo to get back to his level in Texas once he gets out of New York. I don’t really think Gallo’s struggles with the Yankees were physical. He’s clearly a mental hurdle and can’t handle New York. I expect Gallo’s time to end by the end of the weekend if not sooner.

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