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Yankees’ foreign trade goals from news dream stars to realistic quality upgrades

The New York Yankees are already putting together sensors to see what’s available in the overseas market. Now that we’re into July, the stove is really going to start heating up as the trade deadline approaches.

The Yankees are expected to be buyers by the deadline. The best baseball team sees their best chance of winning the world championship in a very long time. The early word is that Brian Cashman will be trying to make sure of any loose ends they have to put the best team out on the field in October.

One of the huge loose ends that the team has is on the field. Aaron Judge is arguably the best baseball player in 2022, and Giancarlo Stanton had a very good year. However, the judge is just one man and Stanton spends most of his time as DH.

Other Yankees players are Aaron Hicks and Joey Gallo. New York saw very little production from either man this year. Hicks had a big moment against the Astros in his three-run bombshell, but that doesn’t take away from his poor play all season.

Hicks hits in the low 200s with under 300 idle. Now, he’s running at a decent clip resulting in an OBP of 0.338, but nonetheless, not the production the Yankees wanted.

Yankee’s biggest case

While Hicks was bad, he’s not the worst of it all. The worst of it all is the black hole in the formation known as Joey Gallo. Gallo was one of the Yankees’ big acquisitions on Deadline last year when New York knocked him out of Texas.

However, he was bad the whole time he was with the team. This year, Gallo is going through the worst year of his career and the boos are getting louder. You can’t have worse rackets than Joey Gallo at this point. The guy hits .165 with an OBP of .277.

Gallo has always been known for his brand power so far during his tenure with the Yankees, he only scored 22 home runs in 118 games. This year, he’s running at a pace of 162 games for 23 home runs and 45 RBIs. This isn’t the guy the Yankees thought they’d ever get.

At this point, I’m convinced that Gallo is a lost cause and that the first word is that New York is ready to pull the plug. Whatever they do, I don’t think Joey Gallo will be in the team when they take the field in the playoffs.

Trade Objectives

Brian Cashman is already benchmarking which outside players will be available as the deadline approaches. There are two separate levels for players that the Yankees will look at. There are unlikely dream stars and there are also two players who could end up in New York.

Baby Dream Stars

Juan Soto

The first star in a pipe dream New York would like to add is Juan Soto of Washington Nationals. I mean who wouldn’t want Juan Soto on their team? Soto doesn’t have the best year in The Nationals, but I like most of them not putting a lot of stock into it.

The 23-year-old star only beats 0.26 with 15 house bugs and 33 RBI. However, he is still one of the best speculators in the game and has an OBP of .384. His left swing would have played perfectly for the Yankees on the field.

Soto would have done a lot for New York. In addition to bringing his non-worldly talent to the Bronx, he would also buy the Yankees a bit of insurance. New York has big negotiations coming up after the season with Aaron Judge.

If New York were to acquire Juan Soto, they would protect them in case Judge finds an excellent contract from another team. Of course, the dream would be to bring the two together in the long run, but if the Yankees lose Aaron Judge, Juan Soto will be as good as he gets as a replacement.

Washington kept trying to extend it for record dollars, but Soto remained firm in saying no. Citizens have made it clear that they do not intend to trade, but that its value will never be higher and if he continues to make it clear that he will not sign in the long run, it may become available.

Brian Reynolds

Want a guy who checks all the Yankees’ chests? Look no further than Brian Reynolds of Pittsburgh. The key to hitting Reynolds is the kind of talent MVP that will give you quality bats, hit average, and play wherever you want on the court. New York witnesses it in this series.

Reynolds, like Soto, plays for a very bad team that he wants to extend for a long time. However, Reynolds has not shown any interest in signing with the Pirates in the long run until this point just like Soto hasn’t been with the Nationals.

Despite this, 14 Under 500 Pirates indicated that they do not plan to trade Reynolds. They believe they can compete sooner rather than later as their core young players reach adulthood. However, would it be better for them to stick with Reynolds or add more young talent/

It would take a run from the Yankees, but Brian Cashman would pull the trigger here if the deal could happen. Unfortunately, as with Soto, I don’t see that happening.

realistic goals

Andrew Benintende

The Yankees’ top target in the trade deadline for outside help is likely to be Kansas City’s Andrew Benintende. Benintendi is someone New York knows perfectly after all his years with The Red Sox.

The Royals player is going through a phenomenal season in his year of walking. Benintendi is set to be a free agent after the season and does the exact opposite as Joey Gallo is doing at the moment.

Benintendi plays in formidable defense hitting .313 with an OBP of .381. He plays on the pitchers’ court and with his swing, you can imagine his strength numbers will increase in the second half. Benintende has only hit three reptiles so far.

However, he will give the Yankees what they need and this is the one who will constantly put the bat on the ball. He’ll maintain balance on the left side and won’t be defensive off his arm.

There will be a lot of competition because Benintende is going to be a hot commodity. The royals will be waiting for the best deal and New York may not pull the trigger if costs rise significantly from a potential standpoint.

Ian Hap

The Yankees and The Cubs have done many deals together in the past. Hell, last year they just made a deal on deadline for Anthony Rizzo. One of Rizzo’s best friends and former teammates could find his way to The Bronx as well this year’s deadline.

Ian Hap is having a very strong year and he’s coming in with an extra year of control. That extra year will increase the cost, but perhaps if the deal is right, the Yankees can see it as a huge positive.

Hap multiplies by 0.283 while having an OBP of .382. He hit eight pigeon wrecks and drove home 38 times. Hub will also remember fans of DJ LeMahieu and Marwin Gonzalez for his ability to play all over the field.

This year, he was exclusively on the court, however, throughout his career, he played all positions outside the short court and hunting. It’s bad for the switch so like Benintendi, it won’t hurt the lineup’s balance.

If Hub is available, I would expect the Yankees team to delve into the discussions. Before Jose Trevino kicked off his All Star caliber season, I once thought about whether the Yanks would do a huge deal to get Willson Contreras and Happ. However, the focus will be on Happ if a deal is reached with Chicago.

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