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Yankees on Carlos Rodon and Justin Verlander keeping Judge their top priority

September 14, 2022; San Francisco, California, USA; Carlos Rodon (16) of the San Francisco Giants threw the starting pitch during halftime against the Atlanta Braves at Oracle Park. Mandatory credit: Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Yankees are still focused on re-signing AL MVP Aaron Judge. The judge is still by far the number one priority. However, the team knows there is more work to be done outside of simply bringing back the judge.

John Heyman reported This afternoon, the Yankees are in talks with starting pitchers Carlos Rodon and Justin Verlander. While the Yanks requested medications from Jacob deGrom early in the offseason, New York appears focused on these two starters.

Now, some might say they keep in touch just to have a pivotal role. This group is the group that believes the Yankees won’t do anything outside of bringing the judge back because of the costs. However, Heyman noted that there seemed to be room in the Yankees budget for Judge and plenty of time for the starting pitcher.

Yankees preference?

We know the Yankees are like Justin Verlander. They tried to sign him last season offering him a one-year $25 million deal. However, Verlander chose to stay with the Houston Astros and eventually won his second World Championship with them.

New York currently has Gerrit Cole, Luis Severino, and Nestor Curtis in rotation for next year. They have plenty of options for the last two spots including Frankie Montas, however, they seem to be looking near the top of the pitching market for another ace.

Carlos Rodon is a perfect fit if you ask me. He has the attitude this team needs and will give New York a terrific four-shooter punch with two righties and two lefties. By asking questions about it, New York is hoping the judge’s situation will come to an end this weekend one way or another.

The Yankees have work to do and Jedd is just the beginning.

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