You again, Leo, says Bolsonaro after the criticism

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President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) once again tried to play politics with his government critic Leonardo DiCaprio this Wednesday (27), responding to the actor’s Twitter post about deforestation in the Amazon.

“You again, Leo? So you will become my best election corporal, as we say in Brazil,” the president wrote in English in response to DiCaprio.

The actor released the MapBiomas map on Tuesday (26), which shows the changes made in the Brazilian territory from a collaboration of universities, NGOs and technology companies. In the post, DiCaprio says the region has been under attack by the extractive industry for the past three years.

“How extensive is deforestation in the Amazon, one of the most important places on earth for people and wildlife?” asked DiCaprio.

In his answer, Bolsonaro once again cited the artist’s yacht, as he had already done in May of this year. “I could tell you again to get off your yacht before you speak to the world, but I know the progressives; you want to change the whole world, but never yourself,” he wrote.

In April, he already tried to pick a fight with DiCaprio on Twitter, replying sarcastically to the actor’s post encouraging Brazilians to take back voter registration.


The president did the same with Anitta, sharing the singer’s post, also in a sarcastic way.

The singer, who has 17.8 million followers on Twitter, blocked Bolsonaro and said his strategy was to gain relevance and response on the social network, as he has more than twice as many followers as her. 8.4 million people follow the president.

Speaking to DiCaprio, who has 19.6 million Twitter followers, this Wednesday, Bolsonaro said he was surprised the actor’s focus on Brazil was greater than the fires in Europe and the United States.

“Someone might ask, are you obsessed with my country (or its resources) or do you think Brazil is the only one on earth,” he wrote. “You can keep playing with your Hollywood star toys while we do our work.”


In his answer, the president mentioned that the average rate of deforestation in his government is lower than before.

The Annual Report on Deforestation (RAD), published this month by MapBiomas, shows that the rate of deforestation in the Amazon in 2021 was 1.9 hectares per minute, equivalent to about 18 trees per second.

Around 191 new deforestation took place in the whole country per day. The average rate per deforestation operation was 0.18 ha/day in 2021, compared to 0.16 ha/day in 2020.

According to RAD, the Amazon concentrates the largest deforestation front, representing 59% of deforestation in Brazil in 2021, followed by the Cerrado (30%), the Caatinga (7%), the Atlantic Forest (1.8%), the Pantanal ( 1.8%). 1 .7%) and pampa (0.1%).


The Bolsonaro administration’s environmental policy is criticized by environmentalists for the increase in deforestation and fires.

In Wednesday’s response, Bolsonaro said DiCaprio did not know that his government had committed to eradicating illegal logging in Brazil by 2028 and reiterated that the actor had used a 2003 photo to talk about the 2019 Amazon forest fires.

“But I forgave him. So please don’t sin again.”



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