You can now promote your question on Quora

Quora, a user-organized and edited Q&A site, has launched a new feature called “Promote”.

This feature allows users to post their questions, answers and forum posts to increase the number of people seeing them in their feeds. To promote content, users must spend credits, the official currency of the Quora world.

The Ascension feature is located in the right column of Quora content pages. The slider lets you choose how many people you want to promote the content to and instantly see how many credits you need to use.

promote sliders

Also, it used to be free to ask a question on Quora, but now users have to spend 50 credits to ask a question, which guarantees that the asker will engage with the question.

50 credits for viewing the thread question Followers will be replaced with 50 credits for adding a question. All questions are automatically displayed to topic followers.

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