You can reuse these building materials. Check how to manage waste in the spirit of zero waste after renovation

After renovation or construction, we often have leftover construction materials, rubble and various waste. Instead of throwing them away, it’s worth approaching them in the spirit of zero waste and reusing some of them. We suggest what can be made from, for example, bricks, wood for demolition or ceramic tiles.


Construction or renovation waste can serve us for many years if we find a new purpose for it. However, if you want to reuse bricks, floor slabs or tiles, check their condition first. This will be especially important when we want to use used materials for construction purposes. In this way, for example, bricks and hollow bricks remaining after demolition can be used to build a house or garage. It will be best to have their usefulness assessed by an expert.

You must examine the wood especially carefully. Look not only for mechanical damage, but also for numerous small holes that indicate that the material has been attacked by pests (such wood should be treated with an insecticide). Let’s pay attention to mold and rot or signs of decomposition. If the wood has these defects, unfortunately, we will no longer use it. Also make sure you remove the nails from the boards.

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