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You don’t need to make yeast. Sour soup from a bottle is 100 times better. Only 1 thing to watch out for

This year you can skip making sour cream for sour soup. We have a patent, thanks to which it will be incredibly tasty in any case. It will also be much faster and easier.

All of us are slowly starting preparations for Easter. Żurek is the main dish of the Christmas table, and although it is a soup that we can eat all year round, it tastes best at this special time. In order for it to become insanely delicious, you don’t need to make yeast at all. You can make sour soup from the bottle. However, there is one key thing to note.

What should be remembered when making sour soup from a bottle?

Making sour soup from a bottle is really simple, but remember a few important rules: First of all, you should pay attention to add good meat to it. Bet on smoked ribs and delicious sausage, preferably with a smoked rind. Thanks to this, the soup will stand out with its unique taste and aroma.

It is also important to add the sour soup from the bottle at the right time. Do this only at the end of cooking, when the potatoes are ready. Otherwise, it will be difficult to get out. Here you will see a recipe for a delicious sour soup with smoked meat.

Important rules for making sour soup

When preparing sour soup, you should also pay attention to the proportions. For 2 liters of soup, use only 500 ml of yeast. If you add too much, the sour soup will be too thick and the taste too intense.

Also remember to mix the contents of the bottle well before adding the starter to the bottle. If you add it without first stirring, you can spoil the whole soup.

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