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That only six months ago the Spanish government launched A check for 200 euros for individuals with a low level of income and assets, in one single payment, now the Executive is preparing new aid of 200 euros for buying food. Although it is true that the battery of anti-crisis measures should be approved by next Saturday, December 31, Pedro Sánchez confirmed the entry into force of this subsidy with the aim of not only reaching economically vulnerable families, but also reach the middle class Spain, which suffers daily from the ravages of a high inflation rate, which was reduced by 6.8% for the month of November. However, we must not forget that this summer, more precisely in August, it exceeded two figures, reaching a CPI of 10.4%

It is true that the package of anti-crisis measures that the Executive Power wants to approve expires on December 31. However, Pedro Sánchez confirmed during the PSOE congress held in Barcelona a few weeks ago that “at the end of this year, when we approve a new aid package for the people, the middle class and workers for next year, We will also build in mechanisms to contain food prices“.

But it should be said that this initiative was supported by the Minister of Labor and Social Economy, Yolanda Díaz. This was reported by the second vice president assistance of 200 euros will be direct and one-time for those families with lower incomes. But it does not appear that this will be the only measure to be adopted from Moncloa. Also VAT on various types of food will be reduced with the aim of minimizing the impact of escalating inflation. Among all these basic products, fish would be on the list. But we’ll have to wait until next Tuesday, December 27, when the last Council of Ministers of the year takes place, to find out if this is part of the battery of anti-crisis measures envisioned for 2023. But at this point, it’s worth asking which will be the only condition for you to request a new check of 200 euros.

A check for the purchase of food: this will be the only requirement

This direct financial assistance, which will be received once from January 2023, will be intended for the most vulnerable families, i.e. those cohabitation units that enter the home for less than 1,000 euros per month. But this aid can be managed by the state treasury, as happened with the previous subsidy this summer.

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