You might have a high IQ if you can recognize all 6 words hidden in the water park

The tricky picture puzzle features some well-hidden words disguised in a water scene.

This illustrated picture shows children enjoying a swim in a pool – which also features six hidden watery words.


Can you find all six words hidden in this picture?Credit: Playbuzz

Created on Playbuzz, this “hidden words” puzzle has only six words to find.

But it may take you a while because they are so expertly attuned to their surroundings.

At first glance, it is easy to recognize the five children swimming, snaking and smiling at each other.

Two of the kids go wild on the water slides, while a unique lifeguard looks on from a chair surrounded by trees.

You could be in the top 0.01% if you can beat the puzzle in under 32 seconds
If you can spot the fish among the octopuses in the puzzle, you are a genius

This conundrum has left most people scratching their heads in confusion.

If you’re really stuck, we’ve circled solutions for you below.

But words to watch out for are: wet, cool, swim, swim, water and slide.

Most of them are expertly incorporated into the illustration, creating what appear to be patterns on swimsuits or leaves on trees.

“Slide” and “water” can be seen hidden in the palm fronds at the back of the image, while “cool” and “swim” are camouflaged in the waves at the base of the slide and ride down it.

Finally, the word “wet” can be found on the girl’s yellow swimsuit, while “float” is written on the boy’s rubber ring on the other side of the pool.

Words to look out for are: wet, cold, swim, float, water and slide


Words to look out for are: wet, cold, swim, float, water and slideCredit: Playbuzz

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