You wanted OnePlus to show off a mechanical keyboard?

Could OnePlus sink even lower in 2022? Also keep me in popularity with the fans because I’m about to show you the keyboard. This is no longer a brand for techies.

“I liked OnePlus better when it didn’t show fridges”. Just a few months ago, such a sentence would have been an abstraction. Today we are on the right track. Instead of several solid smartphones a year, the Chinese manufacturer prefers to regularly disappoint its fans.

OnePlus will present a mechanical keyboard

Let’s look at the OnePlus portfolio in 2022, even the Polish one. They showed the flagship 10 Pro, which didn’t live up to expectations as an anniversary model. We also have a medium – OnePlus Nord 2T, which is successful, but does not contain much that is new compared to its predecessor. There are also headphones with ANC that can’t hold a candle to the similarly priced competition.

OnePlus 11 / Photo: @OnLeaks x Gadgetgang

Before the premiere, check out the OnePlus 11 official design.

What does the manufacturer do in this situation? It would be reasonable (and naive) to write that it stops. He steps back. He takes a broader look at what he’s done with the already iconic brand. He goes back to the drawing board and amazes the industry again. It enchants the fans. None of those things. They just thought we needed their keyboard.

And here we come to the best. OnePlus is introducing two monitors at the same time. I admit that I have seen the renderings and they are really beautiful. Let’s add a keyboard. Entry into the PC market? Maybe, but is that what we really expect from the manufacturer that brought us the wonderful and superior OnePlus 7 Pro competition?

Let’s go back to the beginning of this text. What’s next, a refrigerator? I doubt OnePlus has the right arsenal to mess up the PC market. That wasn’t possible with televisions. I have the impression that they will simply try themselves as manufacturers of accessories. And just thinking about it makes me sad.

Fortunately, we already have a new OnePlus on the market. Managed by the man who made the old OnePlus. Apparently you like him too, because New Blood has already sold a million of his devices. OnePlus is dead, long live nothing.

This time, Apple really has something to worry about. Customers prefer another brand


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