You won’t guess what became the victim of the largest DDoS attack in history

Who do you think was the victim of the biggest DDoS attack in history? Cloudflare gives a rather shocking answer.

DDoS attacks – simple, popular and (unfortunately) effective

What are DDoS attacks? They involve overloading a given website or computer system with many systems until it reaches a user limit or fills up all available resources, preventing normal operation.

Cloudflare reported the largest attack in terms of data transfer rates, but it was eventually mitigated. It was about … a server in Minecraft.

Minecraft server experienced a real earthquake. You didn’t expect this, did you?

As reported by the American website Bleeping Computer dealing with cyber security issues, the attack was carried out by a variant of Mirai, one of the most famous botnets in the world. The target was a Minecraft server called Wynncraft.

It was not possible to find out who was behind this attack – however, the perpetrator (and perpetrators) managed to achieve a record data transfer speed of 2.5 Tbps. The entire attack, consisting of UDP and TCP floods, should have lasted about two minutes.

While the server is incredibly popular and has players in the thousands, Cloudflare says players didn’t even notice anything like this had happened.

DDoS attacks are on the rise

Cloudflare also points out that there are more and more DDoS attacks – including those that are increasingly dangerous and exceed the 1 Tb/s cap. The firm claims that the number of such attacks increased by 111 percent year-on-year – and the aforementioned Mirai is a favorite among cybercriminals.

As Cloudflare notes, attacks can be initiated by humans, but they’re always done by bots—and the only way to deal with that is to seek help from bots as well. The company also admits that over the years, conducting DDoS attacks has become much easier, cheaper and much more accessible.

Source: Bleeping Computer

Stock image from Depositphotos

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