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You work on Saturdays and Sundays. Know your rights

While some citizens rest on weekends, others continue to work, even on public holidays. This society of employees usually performs its duties, for example, in shopping malls, bakeries, supermarkets and restaurants.

However, the work can not be continuous, as the company has to make a schedule for the scale of its employees. In particular, they have the right to rest and receive a double salary for the period of work.

Therefore, it is necessary to perform these relations in accordance with the labor legislation. The company can arrange with its employees, but the employee must have at least one day off per week, work only two Sundays a month.

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The weekend contract is the most widely used, given that the company will incur double payments. In addition, the law guarantees the employee 24 consecutive hours of rest per week, regardless of the type of employment.

However, the employee can not refuse to work on Sundays, as the company may request to do so, provided that a shift schedule is organized in accordance with the rules of law.

Unemployment insurance 2022

with refinement the minimum wageOther remuneration-based benefits and services will also be valued from January 2022. One of them is unemployment insurance.

The benefit allows you to pay three to five parts with a minimum the minimum wage for employees with a formal contract of dismissal without good reason. In this case, citizens will receive the right to 1212 R $.

How to calculate unemployment insurance?

To do this, you need to consider the average of the last three salary: received during the operation of the CLT operating mode. Look:

  • Find the average of the last three salaries received.
  • If the result was higher than R $ 1686.79, it is necessary to multiply this value by 0.80;
  • Prior to BRL 2811, the value in excess of the above must be multiplied by 0.50 and then added to BRL 1349.43.
  • The amount paid above BRL 2811.60 is fixed և is defined as BRL 1911.84.

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What do I need to apply for unemployment insurance in 2022?

After dismissal without a valid reason, the employee must transfer the request to receive the sum insured within a certain period of time. Check.

  • Official employee: 7th to 120th day after dismissal.
  • Artisan fisherman during the closed season, 120 days after the start of the ban.
  • Domestic worker: 7th to 90th day from the date of dismissal.
  • Employee on leave for the purpose of qualification during the termination of the employment contract.
  • Rescued worker from the day of salvation until the 90th day.

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