Your iPhone can turn into a Samsung. For free

Samsung has always been quite aggressive in promoting its smartphones, especially in the US, where Apple is the most successful in sales. And iPhone owners in particular have been given a tool that will make them feel like they have one of the Galaxy models in their hands.

“System Overlay” on iPhone

Once upon a time, Samsung excelled in advertising campaigns that highlighted the flaws of iPhones and, against this background, showcased the benefits of their own smartphones. Over time, such a strategy was no longer effective (or never was), although it still happens that Koreans pin Apple with a film or poster.

However, few people know that a very pleasant, non-invasive project is being carried out in parallel, which consists in showing iPhone owners how the Android system and the overlay developed by Samsung work. The site has been operated for this purpose for several years

Simply call up this address in the Safari browser on your smartphone. Then click Consent to place a shortcut to the web application on the desktop. We go to the list of apps, click on the new “Try Galaxy” icon and… magic happens!

A slightly different experience

The current version of the above website takes the user to the One UI 5.1 interface, i.e. H. The one that currently works on Samsung Galaxy S23 series smartphones as well as other smartphones updated to Android 13.

After launching the application, the classic Samsung desktop appears before our eyes. Each icon can be tapped, after which we will be taken to individual parts of the system. We can watch movies and photos in the gallery that promote Galaxy S23 smartphones or learn about the appearance of the pop-up menu and notifications. You can even brag about a “digital” friend who, using the Google News application, will give us more ideas to explore the system.

The web app is so extensive that we can venture into settings and even Change the theme or color of the overlay. There are many opportunities! It’s true that the interface isn’t in Polish, but it’s pretty easy to get used to.

It’s hard to judge the effectiveness of such an interactive presentation, but to be honest I’ve had a pretty good time with the decent One UI on the iPhone SE (2020). If you’re using an Apple smartphone, it might be worth giving this experiment a try.

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