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Your tongue also stings after kiwi. The reason may make you shudder

Have you ever wondered why your tongue stings after eating kiwi? After all, it doesn’t happen when you eat other fruits. We explain why.

Most of us love kiwi and can eat it in moderation. It can be used in salads, smoothies or eaten alone. It also works great as an ingredient in various desserts. However, you yourself have probably noticed that eating this fruit is accompanied by one unpleasant symptom. It is the burning of the tongue. You’re not the only one who feels this strange tingling sensation. As a result? You will find the answer below.

Why does the tongue tingle after kiwi?

The tip of the tongue after Kiwi is due to it contains actinide. This is the enzyme responsible the breakdown of proteins into amino acids. When eaten, it interacts with the mucous membrane of the mouth and tongue and therefore causes an unpleasant tingling sensation.

However, these fruits are not harmful in any way. The exception is when do you eat a lot of them? – then they can irritate the mucous membrane of the mouth. However, you don’t have to worry about kiwi harming your internal organs, it won’t.

What can I do to prevent my tongue from burning?

One way to neutralize the enzymes found in kiwi is to heat or dry the fruit. This will keep your tongue safe, but the kiwi itself will rob you of some vitamins.

If you have already eaten fresh kiwi and your tongue burns, rinse your mouth milk, drinking yogurt or buttermilk. Drinks that are high in protein will cause the enzymes to attack them instead of your tongue.

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