YouTube no medical nonsense! The training for licensed doctors and nurses is about to start

The internet is full of questionable medical knowledge, and unlike the real world, there is no way to verify who is actually providing the information. YouTube wants to fight it, and it is to this end that it is launching an original program for doctors and other medical workers who, in addition to working in clinics, run YouTube channels.

The fact that the Internet is not the best source for emergency medical care is nothing new. While it is possible to find advice and content published by licensed medical professionals online, many platforms do not have a consistent system to verify the individuals and information they provide.

On October 27, YouTube announced that it has taken a decisive step to separate amateur and hobbyist content from reliable medical knowledge. Starting today, the YouTube Healthcare program is launching on the platform as part of YouTube Health.

Chartered Doctors on YouTube. The platform opens up to medical creators

YouTube Healthcare allows healthcare professionals and healthcare providers to apply for special YouTube Health features for their channels.

In practice, this means that channels run by verified, certified doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists and other qualified health professionals can receive additional features previously only available to organizations.

Features such as special information panels that display information about symptoms, prevention and treatment from reliable sources, e.g. from the World Health Organization or other medical organizations, and the display of video in special panels with health content, have so far been available on a very limited number of channels. They primarily belonged to educational institutions, public health departments, hospitals and government entities.

In addition to the requirement to submit a license to practice, authors are required to follow the guidelines for sharing health information established by the Council of Medical Specialty Societies, the National Academy of Medicine, and the World Health Organization and a channel of appropriate reputation.

As YouTube states, YouTube Healthcare will only be available to creators from the US and Germany, but in the future the platform will also make the feature available to other markets and medical specialties.

YouTube no medical nonsense! The training for licensed doctors and nurses is about to start

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