Zé Delivery World Cup results

Actions during the championship led the company to break record orders and saw its engagement grow

The World Cup 2022 was one of the most anticipated events, especially for brands whose names will be displayed during the championship, such as in the case of Zé Delivery, which became the sponsor of the Brazilian national team about a month before the start. to the championship.

Preparations for the most important football tournament in the world began in 2021, when the brand began to position itself in the world of football with actions in several national championships, as was the case with the activation of Zé in the final. this year’s Copa do Brasil.

With social media activations, match broadcasts, half-time action, promotions and ad activations across 54 World Cup matches, in addition to contextual calls an hour before the Brazil games, the delivery platform focused on consolidating and refining this positioning. the world cup is Zé Delivery’s campaign of the year.

“From the beginning, we were convinced that this would be Zé Delivery’s campaign of the year. In 2021, we started positioning the brand in the world of football, as this is one of the main drinking occasions and a very active consumption moment for the brand,” explained Tais Azevedo, director of Zé Delivery.

No sooner said than done. Campaigns implemented by the company led Zé Delivery to break record orders and significantly increased its engagement.

According to the CMO, the company’s main goal with the activations was to increase brand awareness, which it succeeded. Tice noted that the brand grew 11 percentage points in the 20-day period compared to November-October, in addition to increasing awareness, engagement and conversation around the brand.

“There were over 750% mentions of the brand on social media and thousands of comments praising the campaign as one of the best and most interesting of the Cup. Business results were also encouraging, and in Brazil’s debut at the World Cup, Zé Delivery recorded its record number of orders in one hour with more than 55 thousand orders at 15:00. This is a record number of requests per hour already recorded in the history of the application until then,” the executive emphasized.

One of Zé Delivery’s strategies for the World Cup was to use superstition to win over consumers. In this case, the company launched a campaign featuring national team player Vinicius Jr., using the speech that Zé was on the team in all the cups Brazil won, making fun of both the company name and the name. the player is the attacker.


The campaign featuring Vinicius already has over 4 million media views and 427 million impressions on TV. Another achievement of the brand during the championship was to appear twice in the TOP 10 brands most associated with the World Cup.

“It was a happy coincidence that Winnie Jr. was named Vinicius José de Oliveira Paisão Jr. His arrival helped consolidate our strategy and bring us closer to fans of the brand and those who did not yet know Zé. We were able to engage. De Zé consumers automatically call Vini de Vini Zé, proving that the Brazilian identified with our campaign. And the results validated our entire strategy,” Tice said.

Since the end of the championship, Zé Delivery is reaping the fruits of a year of preparation and has recorded a 94% increase in social media engagement and brand mentions, in addition to winning more than 71,000 orders through the “Bolão twelve”. .

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