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Zelensky-Biden meeting shows US ‘indirect war’, Russia says

Photo: Sergey Gunev/TASS/Kremlin

Russia has expressed its opinion regarding the meeting of Presidents of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky and Presidents of the United States Joe Biden, which took place yesterday at the White House. The Kremlin said that yesterday’s episode was proof that Washington conducted a “Indirect and Proxy War” Against Moscow.

“So far, we regret to note that neither President (American Joe) Biden nor President Zelensky has said anything that could be seen as a possible willingness to listen to Russia’s concerns.”said Dmitry Peskov, spokesman of the Russian government.

He also belittled the new support announced by the USA to Ukraine. Joe Biden’s country will provide $1.85 billion in additional military aid to Ukraine, including the transfer of Patriot, one of the world’s most advanced air defense systems. Peskov said the initiative would not help resolve the conflict or prevent Russia from achieving its goals.

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