Zhabka is working on his own game. You can join the Frog testers group.

The original production trials of Żab, the Żabka chain of stores, have started. What fun is this and what to do to join the lucky group of people with early access?

The Żabka chain of stores develops extremely dynamically and constantly implements new ideas, often using the latest technological solutions, which is an excellent example of Żabka Nano stores. The virtual currency mobile app, Żapps, won the hearts of buyers and the internet pranks surrounding it undoubtedly allowed it to flourish and gain popularity. Now the company is going one step further and announcing its own video game, Żabu.

Żabu – tests of the mobile game of the Żabka chain of stores have started

The main character of the game is Zabu, a virtual frog whose height is about 4 cm. He likes apples, frequent showers and should not be left unattended for long periods of time. And most of all… he loves to play games.

Frog, made with 3D animation, reacts to the customer’s behavior. It evolves and acquires new levels of play depending on the purchases made by the player, including those made thanks to the loyalty points collected on the account – Żapps. Users will be able to personalize their Frog character by purchasing different types of accessories.

The game is about breeding and regular care of your Frog character. To complete it, you need to complete 100 levels, and when you shop in chain stores, you get extra points for every zloty spent: 5 flies, which are Frog’s favorite touch and guarantee his survival.

Upon reaching selected levels, reward boxes containing free apps, products or shopping discounts await the player. Participants who overcome all 100 levels and complete the game will receive a surprise.

In the first press releases, the representatives of the company informed about the tests of the game, which had the opportunity to receive up to 5000 users. Now it has been decided to expand them by another 4000 people, thus 9000 users will enter the game. If you want to join them, you can add your email. e-mail address on the website dedicated to Żabu: database.

We are happy to implement projects that combine communication, business and technology, which is why we believe in expanding the world of Zabu. It’s not just a mobile game, but an innovative business solution that we developed together with the client. The creative part of the game, the character and his character, name, language, mechanism, scenarios, are thought and developed according to the idea of ​​Zhapka that we want. The character was designed in 3D, as this technique not only allows for engaging animations, but also enables Frog to be used outside of the virtual world. We hope everyone likes it as much as we do, says 180heartbeats + JUNG v. MATT Business Director Jacek Karolak.

The project is undoubtedly interesting and intriguing. The only question is whether all this gamification involved will be addictive enough, and whether the entire western is worth the candle to attract a wider audience. We’ll find out soon, but for now… well, let’s try to join the fun in the test version.

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