Zuckerberg announces that he has a foot in Horizon World

Horizon Worlds is a tool that will ultimately allow us to interact with colleagues and family in avatar form. However, those avatars make you look like the ghost of Kacper.

Meta’s Connect conference

At Tuesday’s conference, Mark Zuckerberg and Aigerim Shorman appeared as their metaverse avatars to demonstrate the company’s latest achievement. Until now, mocked and unloved (even by employees) avatars, who look through their body floating above the ground like a fake Kacper the Friendly Ghost, will finally get a pair of realistic legs.

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To demonstrate the revolutionary achievement, Mark and Aigerim made several movements with their legs. Zuckerberg even jumped, showing that the animation works very smoothly. However, can we trust such a presentation? Turns out it’s not necessary.

Hamilton’s doubts

It’s a bit hard to believe that sensorless feet rendered solely based on Oculus headset camera footage can behave so well and realistically. Editor UploadVR, Ian Hamilton recalls a statement from an unnamed Meta spokesperson, who reportedly revealed that “a segment featuring motion-capture animations is intended to demonstrate what’s to come.” It sounds more like a suggestion that what we see in the film is the work of the animators, rather than the technology contained in the Oculus glasses.

Avatar legs are an update that Meta announced a long time ago, but they still don’t appear in Horizon Worlds. So far we can’t say how the legs rendered by the Meta algorithms will actually look, but if I had to bet money, I’d rather say “not as good as in the video”.


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